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13 Foods That Scrub Our Arteries Clean

As we get older, the collective opinions of the medical community and the mainstream media begin to instill a fear of cardiovascular disease in our minds. Every food becomes a danger for clogging your arteries. Every gym workout is spurned on by the growing fear that your heart isn’t as strong as it should be. […]

Testosterone Boosting ’14’ Natural Super Foods

The testosterone is the main hormone that stimulates the sexual secondary characters of the males. These are secreted or produced by the testicles of the male reproductive system. The adrenal glands also produce the testosterone in some amounts. The testosterone is also present in some amounts even in the body of the females. The testosterone […]

What’s Wrong With My Plant? How To ‘Read’ Your Plants’ Ailments

If you want to ‘show off your green thumb’ with your beautiful home or garden plants, you should know that there is a simple way to achieve this. Even if the condition of your plants is urging you to ask yourself whether you actually possess any skills to be a gardener, there’s no room for […]

24 Organic Neem Leaves Uses and Benefits

The neem tree has many medicinal benefits. All the parts of the tree are useful for the human body. The leaves of the neem tree have a very complex structure and are very unique of all the trees. This tree is majorly grown throughout India. The neem tree is well known also for the environmental […]

Foods to Improve Brainpower

Foods high in compounds such as antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids can improve brain health and memory, experts say. From fruit to fish, here are six things that, based on various studies, may perk up your gray matter. Walnuts They even look like little brains, so maybe that’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us what […]

Foods You Should Not Store in the Refrigerator

Without doubt the best food storage ever invented, it is safe to assume that most foods would go well when stored in the fridge. It is a common misconception that all kinds of food are best stored inside the refrigerator. Here are some example that will show otherwise. Coffee A cool, dry, and dark spot […]

Best and Worst Foods to Improve Digestion

Digestion is an important process because this is how the body gets all the nutrients necessary for its repair, maintenance and proper functioning. Even though the digestive tract is designed to process just about any edible product you put in your mouth, certain things — food processing and unhealthy cooking and lifestyle — can put […]

Here Is How To Prune Your Tomatoes For A Harvest Galore

It is tomato season and you need to pay good attention to your tomato plants! What they need is timely pruning and topping. Here are 3 reasons to prune your tomato fruit plant: With pruning your tomatoes have improved airflow and catch fewer diseases When you prune plants, they have fewer leaves all over, which allows […]

How To Regrow Leeks From Your Kitchen Scraps

Health benefits of leeks are: 1. Leeks are a good source of fiber. They help regulate bowel movement and help prevent and cure constipation. They add bulk to the food consumed and remove accumulated remnants of foods in the stomach, thereby cleansing the digestive tract and detoxifying the body. 2. Leeks are a potent diuretic, which […]

High Fructose Foods To Increase The Metabolism Drastically

Fructose is being employed in the food industry as a food sweetening agent mostly. They are found in foodstuffs that are branded as unhealthy. They are found freely in abundance in all the fruits, soft drinks, alcoholic products and vegetables. Among the various sources of the fructose the soft drinks are the most dangerous as they […]